Mazzoleni S.p.A. is an Italian company which produces and sells technologically-advanced products for animal nutrition.

Founded in 1984 as an individual company, over the years we have progressively widened our horizons. From distributors of zootechnical products, we have become specialised in the production of nutrition, management and technological solutions which improve the well-being and performance of breeding animals. A transformation which was initially supported by important investments in research and development, an international vision, as well as significant manufacturing and logistic capacity, which in recent years has evolved into a project for technical client support. With a turnover of 60 million euros, 60 employees and a complete range of products, Mazzoleni S.p.A. is now one of the main players in the sector, with products and services dedicated to the farming and industrial world.

Specialists in animal nutrition

  • 1984

    Efrem Mazzoleni set up his own business selling supplements and yeast, making use of the experience gained while working for Bonalumi S.p.A., at the time a leading company in the zootechnical sector. Mazzoleni Prodotti Zootecnici was launched.

  • 1993

    Two years after having opened the first warehouse in Seriate (Bergamo), the business was moved to Azzano San Paolo, and began to take shape: two employees, two agents and an ever-wider product range.

  • 1999

    Business grew, and the sales area widened. The operational headquarters of the company moved to Zanica (Bergamo), in a 1100 m2 warehouse.

  • 2002

    € 8 million in turnover.
    Mazzoleni Prodotti Zootecnici became a limited liability company.

  • 2005

    € 16.5 million in turnover.
    The company moved to its current headquarters in Cologno al Serio (Bergamo). It had a 4500 m2 warehouse, 13 employees and a sales area which covered the entire country, as well as including a number of European countries.

  • 2010

    € 29 million in turnover.
    Mazzoleni Prodotti Zootecnici became a joint-stock company. Andrea, Efrem’s son, joined the company, and began a phase of internal reorganisation which also included a revision of the company image (a stage which coincided with the change in brand).

  • 2012

    € 32 million in turnover.
    The Cappella Cantone (Cremona) production plant was inaugurated, with an area of 27,000 m2, 5000 m2 of covered warehouse space, and a manufacturing capacity of 180 tons/day.
    There were 32 employees and 38 agents.

  • 2016

    The long reorganisation process came to an end with the launching of 5 divisions for the farming market: Bovit (dairy cattle line), Sanyo (hygiene line), Suipro (pig line), Tormix (beef cattle line), Vitamilk (weaning line).

  • 2018

    € 60 million in turnover.
    Mazzoleni S.p.A. is a leader in the manufacturing and sales of technologically-advanced products for animal nutrition. It distributes its products in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.