Mazzoleni offers to their distributors a modular range, which can also be customized with the veterinary support of our technicians. Targeted products to handle hygiene and health problems and to optimize performance.


Nutritional supplements

A complete range of modular nutritional products for the various stages of growth, with targeted effects according to the specific needs of the farmer, in order to maximize the genetic potential of the pigs, with a particular focus on health.

Functional supplements

A line of functional products to meet specific requirements.

Smart protein

A line of highly-concentrated, palatable and highly digestible proteins, which can be used in combination with the main sources of protein.

Weaning aids

A line which includes milk replacers and colostrum supplement for weaning. Conditioners for piglets to limit heat loss.

Hygiene products

A line of products for barn hygiene, including disinfectants and conditioners for the management of health problems.