Evocal - Calcium for your fresh cow


Hypercalcemia is a nutritional disease that cause severe economic losses in dairy industry. The incidence of clinical hypocalcemia (namely “milk fever”), although of considerable impact, is quite limited within the herd. On the contrary, higher are prevalence and economic impact of subclinical hypocalcemia, often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed (Fig. 1).

Beyond the cost related of the drugs, the veterinary and the replacement of the cow, hypercalcemia predisposes to a higher incidence of further pathologies such as metritis, mastitis, dislocation of abomasum and reduced milk production. In addition to a correct nutritional management of the dry period and close up, oral administration of calcium across parturition is widely recognized as one of the most effective intervention in milk fever prevention. Calcium contained in oral supplements must be highly soluble in the rumen, ensuring an increase in the rumen concentration of free calcium, thus allowing its absorption through the rumen wall.

EVOCAL is a calcium bolus based on calcium formatehighly soluble and bioavailable. Thanks to particular production technique, EVOCAL guarantees a gradual release in 10-12 hours of a high amounts of calcium (approx. 50 g of calcium for a couple of boluses). EVOCAL also provides vitamin D3 in order to maximize the active absorption of dietary calcium when food consumption resumes.