Mazzoleni and Cesvi in the name of international solidarity




Greenhearth: a day of corporate volunteering in the name of environment and solidarity promoted by Mazzoleni SpA and Cesvi Foundation.

On 22 April, World Earth Day, 60 employees from Mazzoleni SpA, will plant 60 shrubs in a green area of Kilometro Rosso, where our Company is based. The training day will have several groups of employees - coordinated by Selva Urbana; an association that deals with urban reforestation - to make an outdoor area of the Kilometro Rosso campus even greener and more lush. Urban reforestation improves air quality by reducing pollutants and creates ecosystems that can enhance even small green portions of the city, as well as contributing to the creation of natural sound barriers. In parallel, for every shrub planted, Cesvi will reforest the Peruvian Amazon with as many trees, thanks to the support of Mazzoleni SpA.  

The initiative is part of the programmes that Cesvi Foundation offers to companies on ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues, which are increasingly bringing the profit and non-profit worlds closer together. Cesvi has always been giving particular importance to sensitizing and activating citizens on global issues - starting with the youngest and ending with companies - so that they can be the carriers of a real change in society. 

"The idea was born in 2021 with the intention of creating moments in which our employees could actively participate in voluntary actions during working hours," says Andrea Mazzoleni CEO and son of the founder of the company. "Then the meeting with Cesvi, an Organization that we really appreciate for the support it gives to all the most vulnerable populations in the world, out of which Greenhearth took shape: a two-way project to support the populations of the Amazon rainforest and the well-being of our Planet." Of course, we are perfectly aware that individual sensitivities at this time are deeply touched by the conflict in Ukraine, but in addition to the personal contribution that each of us can discreetly make, I believe it is our duty, along with publicly condemning what is happening, to carry on in parallel with determination and enthusiasm, everyday and extraordinary. We must look ahead, trust in diplomacy and not let ourselves be blocked by emotions. Greenhearth also wants to be this." Mazzoleni concludes. 

"Our appreciation of Mazzoleni Spa is particularly heartfelt," says Roberto Vignola, Deputy General Manager of Cesvi, "because sharing such a high social value with its employees fully realizes corporate social responsibility. In this perspective, we hope that our collaboration will continue over time with the aim of encouraging and innovating the culture of international solidarity and, at the same time, the sense of belonging and identification of our employees," concludes Vignola.

For over 30 years, Cesvi has been working in the southwestern part of the Amazon, working side by side with the native communities to preserve the heritage of the largest forest on the planet and to enhance one of its key products: the Amazonian walnut. The Amazonian walnut tree is very important for the entire ecosystem, because it absorbs a huge amount of carbon dioxide and contributes to the decrease of pollution. Through the planting of a walnut tree, it is possible to guarantee a source of income for an indigenous family and protect the forest, thus contributing to the preservation of the planet.