Mazzoleni and Sivam join forces







On July 27, 2022, Mazzoleni SpA e Sivam SpA signed an agreement in which Mazzoleni acquired 100% of Sivam S.P.A.’s capital and Silvio Ferrari, confirmed as Sivam’s CEO, will become a minority shareholder of the new Agro-Feed Group. The two corporate identities and brands will remain distinct and independent, consistent with their current positioning on the Italian market and their respective organizations. Joining forces represents an integration of skills, experience and know-how.

The operation, developed over the last year by the two companies, aims to capture new opportunities and capitalize on each other’s critical success factors in order to bring increased value to Italian farmers and breeders.


Mazzoleni SpA, building upon the strength of the exponential growth achieved in the last five years, has further invested in its manufacturing facility in Cappella Cantone (CR), increasing production capacity, logistical efficiency and expanding to incorporate other categories of production.

The company has prior experience in acquisitions and financial transactions conducted while respecting the DNA of the brand acquired. In 2015, Martens, an historic nutraceutical brand, became part of the Mazzoleni group, maintaining its vocation and sales network.


Today, with the addition of Sivam, a new scenario with a more significant economic impact opens up, that propels the company into a position of strong leadership in the Italian Agro-Feed sector.


The total turnover of the two companies in the new Group is over €120 milioni


Sivam S.p.A., an historical company, active for over 90 years in the Agro-Feed sector, with a recognized dedication to innovation, a rich product and services offering, and a team of over 200, including employees, sales agents and specialized technicians, views the agreement as an important opportunity for national growth, as well as development in the numerous countries where Mazzoleni is already active.


<For the success of the operation, it is strategic, besides being ethical, to guarantee continuity and maintain the identity of Sivam. The sales organization, human resources and product portfolio will remain intact.”  Affirms Andrea Mazzoleni, future CEO of Mazzoleni SpA, who added, <the key words of this project are: “reciprocity,” meaning both companies will glean sustainable advantages, “respect” for each other’s differences that are complimentary to one another, “continuity” to protect the respective corporate identities and positioning on the market, “Italian imprint” because we look to foreign markets with enthusiasm but also with a great sense of responsibility; and “investment in young talent” because we share the deep conviction it is crucial, even more so in today’s world, to invest in developing the young talents who will represent our future.>


Silvio Ferrari, newly named President of ASSALZOO (Italian National Feed Association), CEO and partner in Sivam, affirms, <Sivam felt that a strong action was needed to achieve the growth we had in mind. The agreement with Mazzoleni represents the opening of a great new door to a future rich with opportunities to capture and cultivate. We believe that the vision, the capabilities and the values of Mazzoleni are an extraordinary fit for our company, which I will continue to manage with pride.> Ferrari continues, < Both companies share a long and consolidated tradition of success on the Italian market, which includes dedication to innovation and to customer relations. Joining forces will enable the creation of a new reality able to offer product and service solutions that meet and surpass even the most sophisticated customer needs in an array of segments, and further international expansion.>


MAZZOLENI S.p.A. founded in 1984 as a distributor of livestock products, has since expanded its range of business, specializing in the production of nutritional, farm  management and technical solutions to improve animal welfare and performance.

Today, the company has 120 collaborators between employees, and sales agents, and a turnover that in 2021 surpassed €70 million.

The manufacturing plant in Cappella Cantone (CR), is among the most cutting edge in Europe and it extends over a surface of over 14.000 square meters, with a production capacity of 400 tons per day.

In 2021, the company invested in an expansion of its logistics operations bringing its storage capacity to 12,000 tons and potential daily freight traffic to 400 tons.


SIVAM S.p.A. born in 1932 from an intuition related to the integration of salts and minerals in animal nutrition. Today, Sivam produces annimal feed and supplements and offers farmers and breeders advanced solutions for managing farm and animal performance from field to barn, helping farmers to make the most of their land to produce optimally and sustainably. The company distributes a wide range of technological products and services to over 8,000 customers throughout Italy.

Sivam’s administrative headquarters are located in Casalpusterlengo (Lodi) and its two production sites are in Casalpusterlengo (Lodi) e Battipaglia (Salerno), and an organization of over 200 collaborators including employees, agents and specialized technicians. Turnover in 2021 was €46 million.