A proper drench for an easy start


Calving is a very stressful events for dairy cows and across calving, feed intake is limited and lots of fluids are lost with the parturition. Parturient cow is therefore exposed to dehydration, risk of abomasum displacement due to the emptiness of rumen and abdominal cavity, impaired immune functionnegative energy balance and hypocalcemia as colostrogenesis starts in days in which feed intake is very low.


Although feeding cows early post-partum with energy dense solutions is an effective strategy to limit the above risks, drenching is risky, uncomfortable for the cow and labor costing.



To overcome the issue of drenching the periparturient cow with a tube, Mazzoleni developed Revidral ACE. Revidral ACE is a specific formulation rich in electrolytes and easy digestible sugars, to be diluted in water and fed in the parturition pen close to the cow. Its high palatability stimulates the cow to stand up and drink by itself and, then, access to the feedbunk. Easy to prepare, no need to be forced fed, effervescent and fast dissolving, dissolving 1 kg of Revidral ACE in 20 L of water it provides an adequate hydration and highly bioavailable electrolytes (sodium, organic potassium and chloride) and help to recover the volume in abdominal cavity, thus limiting the risk of abomasum displacement. Revidral ACE supply organic and highly bioavailable calcium to limit the risk of hypocalcemia and contains fast fermentable sugars that helps to limit negative energy balance and boost rumen microbial population growth after a period of feed restriction. Moreover, Revidral ACE provides organic trace elements (Se, Zn, Mn, Fe) and vitamins (A, D, E, C and beta-carotene) to boost immune function.