Work in progress at cappella cantone to expand our production plant


A few weeks after the end of the lockdown, Mazzoleni restarts with energy and determination for the extension of the Cappella Cantone (CR) production plant, which will expand from 5000mq to over 13.500mq.

In these days, the area behind our factory in Cappella Cantone (CR), a town in the center of one of the most developed zootechnical areas in Italy, is full of bulldozers, excavators and trucks engaged in the movement and transport of ground and gravel. In fact, the expansion works of the plant have started, blocked by the rigorous safety standards issued by the Italian government to protect the health of our community.

Now, the project we have worked on for a long time is starting to take shape. The goal is to have an increasingly advanced production plant able to support our Company's internationalization plan.

With the awareness that production, international relations and the exchange of goods will, in the medium term, still be strongly influenced by the times and the ways in which Countries will be able to get out of the health emergency from Covid-19, this investment wants also be a sign of confidence towards the livestock sector. A sector that plays a strategic role in the agri-food chain and in which we have believed for over thirty-five years.