In Mazzoleni, quality is a shared commitment which involves everyone, from management downwards.

We scrupulously check the quality of our suppliers through internal audits and visits to plants and manufacturing lines. On receiving raw materials, our collaborators carry out quality checks on products to ensure that they respect the standards defined with the suppliers. Furthermore, we have internal data collection systems in our plants which use the latest generation devices to check the quality of all company processes in real time.

Our R&D centre works in close contact with various Italian and European Universities which we entrust with tests on specific products. In this way, we provide our clients with data verified by certified and recognised organisations.

The certification obtained is not only a point of arrival but a stimulus for continuous improvement.

Our responsibility as a company

For Mazzoleni, the analytical approach provides fundamental support for every process and decision.

The collection, analysis, processing and extraction of data are essential elements in the company strategy and involve every single process, from production to sales.

The data obtained are indicators which provide a real-time picture of the company, the products and the clients. Certain and measured, they guide our choices, allowing us to make rapid and timely decisions. Shared with clients and suppliers, they provide vital information to help them to monitor and improve their business.