Mazzoleni is at the centre of a system which is founded on two values: trust and transparency.

In choosing our suppliers, we first of all assess the quality of the product, reliability and financial security. We organise in-depth audits thanks to the experience of our collaborators, and we visit the company with the aim of setting up a partnership which is profitable for everyone, above all for the end client.

Mazzoleni regularly operates through distribution and partnership contracts with the exchange of market reports and information.

In Italy, the distribution of the products is entrusted to an extensive network of 40 agents and 10 internal figures who fill technical-commercial roles and have been trained in line with company values. Abroad, we rely on local distributors operating in the main markets, in particular in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

A reliable partner, transparent methods

We guarantee fast delivery and regular restocking, also thanks to the 9000 m2 of warehouse space divided between two locations, which allows us to maintain a constant supply of products.

Lastly, we share with our suppliers the results of our research and development activities, which are carried out in an internal R&D centre and with the collaboration of Research Institutes and Universities. We follow the selection and research of new products and carry out tests and field trials. The data obtained are useful to our partners in discovering and better understanding both ourselves and our products, the clients and the market.